Back on the air!

After two years of inactivity (is that even a word?) KS5TX is back on the air! Or: almost, as he may not even be awake at this time. 😉

Not exactly the same license holder, though. This time KS5TX is registered to a certain Jason Shell. Hmmm, where have I heard this name before….?

RIP KF5EJX. We’ll all miss him. Or will we? 🙂

Congrats, bud! Can’t wait to see that license plate on that truck. And thanks for keeping our “old” call alive!!

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2 Responses to Back on the air!

  1. James Hensarling says:

    I knew it!! Great call sign Jason and congratulations. Your CW contest speed will jump by leaps and bounds now. People will swarm your truck just to get a look at your KS5TX tags. They do mine now all the time just to see my rare and world renown WW5XX tags.

  2. Jason Shell says:

    Its nice to finally have KS5TX. On the cw part I need to get to learning that to be a more rounded ham (although I am very round all ready). Haha

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