No, we didn’t run into a “Nigerian prince” who has too much money. Wouldn’t that be nice…

Instead N5YPJ, KF5EJX, KS5TX and K5WW participated in the Makrothen contest this past weekend. It’s a fun RTTY contest, with scores based on the distance between stations. And we did a lot of miles! Our (claimed) score is 1,297,820 🙂

KN5S 2015 Makrothen score

Yeah, baby!

Watching this score go up by a thousand or more every other minute was a whole lot of fun!!

Unfortunately, we also have some sad news to report. In the middle of the battle we lost our friend KF5EJX forever. Rest in peace, dear friend; and thank you for all the hard work you put in at all the contests. You will be missed forever 🙁

KN5S 2015 Makrothen band by operator

KF5EJX – one last time…

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  1. Jason Shell says:

    Ya but the new guy KS5TX did well also.

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