The new kid on the block

He’s pretty good, that KS5TX!

He, almost completely by himself, participated in the 2015 edition of the Japanese Amateur Radio Teleprinter Society contest. All by himself he managed to make 699 QSOs; and here’s how he did it:


Click the image so you can see the score table a little better.

Yeah, that’s how you win a contest: an foam mattress, a pillow and a blanket! 🙂

A fabulous result, given the not-so-fabulous conditions and all. He even managed to put two new countries in the master log: Israel and Moldova (3 times, no less). Moldova, only known for bearded men (women too), long pipes and goat hair sweaters. Brrr!

Total number of QSOs went up to 822 after some late-comer played a bit in the contest too Sunday afternoon; but it’s safe to say that the new kid can stay!!!!

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