April 2018 meeting minutes

Attending: Jim AB5JK, James WW5XX and Erik K5WW.

The Secretary mailed out invitation letters to members we haven’t seen in a while, inviting them to come to the April meeting and/or renew their dues. Only two replies were received.

Some members renewed their dues today: WW5XX, N5YPJ (via proxy), KU5Z (also via proxy) and K5WW. The Treasurer misplaced his receipt book; receipts will be issued next month.

Field Day 2018 was discussed, briefly. Input regarding locations is welcome.

Also discussed: the ongoing case of electrical interference at the club shack. More work needed: the noise that seemingly disappeared after reporting it to AEP is back, though intermittent. But just as strong as ever.

James mentioned that he too is the victim of serious electrical noise nowadays. S9 and more, like at the club shack. Since James lives quite close to our shack the two problems could be related. So: we need to do some serious footwork again; and find out exactly what is lighting up the neighborhood!

No elections were held; we didn’t have a quorum to do so.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 PM, UMH time. If you weren’t there, then you missed it! 🙂

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