An old saying, proven wrong!

The one that goes “you can’t teach an old coyote any new tricks”. Wrong!

Some old hound, after getting bored with the ARI DX contest due to lousy propagation, decided to try something else today. He always wondered how our station would do on 60 meters; and if we’d be able to operate there at all.

Turns out we do! The 590 didn’t need to be modified at all; and that trusty old HF vertical provides a pretty good match on 60. But yeah: it still gets hot, even at the 25 W level…

Anyway: in less than one hour the old dog logged 9 QSOs, with 6 US states and 1 Canadian. Ah, Canadians: my best friends…

When you’re starvin’, trust Marvin.

So there you go, fellow CARCers. The 44 other states are waiting for YOU! 😉

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