Lousy conditions, good friend!

So, like many a weekend I (K5WW) went to the club shack to put some contest QSOs in the log this weekend. After all, it was the Volta RTTY contest, in which we had plenty of fun – and record breaking scores 😉 – in previous years!

But: before I was even granted access to the shack an “old”, familiar truck pulled into the parking lot. Could it be? Could it BE????

It COULD!! Jason KS5TX stopped by for a visit, and to show off his always-improving contesting skills!

Sorry for the blurry photo; he’s gotten so fast that it’s become extremely hard to take a good pic of him!!!

After everything was said and done he single-handedly pushed the score to over 1.3 million points!

Missed him? No worries! He’s still making plans to attend Field Day 2018. Y’all better be there! 🙂

Cya, bud!

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