June 2018 meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:19 PM.

Attending: Jim AB5JK, Doug KC5TRQ, William KG5ZTN, Dave WA6YJW and Erik K5WW.

Both Doug and William joined the club tonight. Doug also enlisted his son Ryan KF5MPR. Welcome, and thank you gents! Now we can buy hotdogs for Field Day 🙂

Doug and William had lots of questions, which we tried to answer. Both are relatively new to the hobby; so we hope they show up many more times – with many more questions!

Jim reported an issue he observed a while ago with our 2 meter transmissions, which sparked suspicions of possible repeater antenna damage.

The Treasurer reports there’s currently $1269 in our sweaty sock. With a little bit of luck and some anti-fungal cream maybe that amount will be higher next month. 😉

The sit-down portion of the meeting was adjourned around 8.15 PM, after which all attendees moved to the club shack for an introduction to the hardware and a quick demonstration of FT8 on 6 meters with the new members (well, 2 out of 3).

We also checked out the 2 meter repeater’s coax. Seems fine; but the problem may be intermittent so further investigation is needed…

Next meeting? Field Day! (that’s this weekend, yes!)

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