Report from the field

Field Day 2018 is over. Well, technically speaking it’s not. Yet. But it is for us.

Participating: Mary KU5Z, Jason KS5TX, Jim AB5JK and Erik K5WW. A quick visit by Charlie/Charles, who is interested in getting a license after acquiring some free (and classic!) equipment; but who was on the road with his family so couldn’t stay long.

The horrible electric noise is back at the shack and the conditions “kinda” sucked; so the number of QSOs was limited. Time to call AEP – again. But we did our best, handing out 2D STX in CW, SSB and RTTY on several bands, including 1 QSO on 6 meters with Dan K1TO, thanks to his always booming signal!

That’s all. Really.










Hmmmm… So many RTTY QSOs. I wonder why?

Good fun, good company, good food, good fun. What more could we have wished for? Nothing!

Thanks to all who attended, and wanted to attend. See y’all next year – or sooner!

KU5Z, K5WW and KS5TX (thanks Jim!)

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