Dear shack visitor:

Thank you for visiting our club shack.

We hope you had a great time! And that you signed the visitor log. If you didn’t: you’ll find it right next to the door, before you even enter the shack. It looks like this file: Coyote Amateur Radio Club visitor log. Don’t be shy. Soon we’ll be entering with a key card; so you might as well get used to identifying yourself.

Feel free to use all the equipment. Make some QSOs! Or just listen to fellow radio amateurs. But if you make QSOs please log them in the paper logbook right next to station 1. That’s the one on the left. Pencils a-plenty right in front of it.

And in case you find one of more radios turned on when you enter: please don’t turn them off when you leave. It/they were on for a reason. The same applies to all the computer hardware you saw: leave it on. Leave the air conditioner on too. But you can turn off the light.

Also, the TS-2000 is not always connected to an antenna. If you use it make sure to connect the coax.

On behalf of the people who work hard to keep everything running: we thank you.

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