No cigar, but close!

It’s been a while since we put our pedal to the metal and participated in a big contest; but this past weekend KS5TX and K5WW got together to play in both the CQ WW RTTY contest and the Texas QSO Party.

Despite the radio problems at station 2, having one less operator this year, 10 and 15 meters not opening much, and the beam being “locked” to the northeast we got a result we can be proud of:

2015 was our best effort ever in this contest; hence the comparison with that year.

We made a few dozen QSOs less; but we operated 6 hours less as well. The score’s not even half of what we had in 2015; but that’s because of the juicy multipliers we missed on 10 and 15 meters. And we had fun; so we won! 🙂

Oh, the Texas QSO Party… No time, sorry!

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