That’s an equation that just about everyone in the electronics world strives to achieve: optimum power transfer! Power in equals power out.

But… from a slightly different angle: if that “power in” is the power that comes back in… then you have a problem. In this case: the reflected power.

Point in case:

High SWR? We don’t need no steenking high SWR!

After two Saturdays of troubleshooting this issue (I’m an essential worker nowadays) this old hound thinks it’s safe to say we have a problem up top. Because of recent heavy rain it could just be water in the balun or coax, as was the case with the 80 m dipole coax that I fixed last week.

For now our mighty, mighty beam has been disconnected and replaced by a multi-band Alpha Delta wire antenna, generously donated by WW5XX a while ago. (thanks James, you’re a visionary!).

Speaking of beam: there now is a 40 meter add-on available from the manufacturer. It comes in a kit, for those who want to have fun building. Wink wink, nudge nudge. 🙂

That’s all, y’all. Stay safe. Stop picking your noses. You’re shoving the Covids up in there!

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  1. Jason Shell says:

    That’s not good at all, it’s starting to get hot.

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